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New Name, Same great service!

Presence Web Design is now Bang Up Productions!  Still offering the same great service but adding on A/V and Video Productions!
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bangup on black for webDid you know that Presence Web Design is now BANG UP PRODUCTIONSWhether you are a new business or an established business we can bring you into the now with branding, marketing and video services.  You have worked hard as an entrepreneur and we get that.

Without the proper tools to get your business out there you will fall into the hundreds of other businesses that slowly fall from the public eye, and not because you have a bad product or service, but because marketing is key to everyone’s success.

We have over 10 years of marketing, design, web development, video production and complete re-branding services to offer your company.  Visit our new website!  Don’t wait until you need us!




Presence Web DesignMost people in this electronic age are searching online before they even step into your building. If you are not on the internet, they will go to the ones that are. How many times do you go online to search for something? If you don’t, ask around. You will find that most people search for something on the internet several times a day. If you don’t have a website, you’re losing business to other companies that do. Your website is your FIRST impression! A professional website from Presence Web Design say’s “Look at our website! We care about our business and our customers!” If you have a poor design it say’s “Hey, look what my 12 year old neighbour did for me.”

Your website is an important part of your business. Presence Web Design treats it as such. Websites are possibly the most overlooked instrument of advertising for local, owner-operated businesses. From something simple but amazing to complete corporate identities and promotional needs or if you are looking to redesign your existing website, Presence Web design does it all.



Presence Web DesignI absolutely LOVE my job! I love to create and come from a long line of artists. My father, Henry Letendre, was a Metis Artist whose work decorates walls all over Saskatchewan and Canada, even into the USA. Books with his artwork and poetry have been written about him.

Athough my work has not yet graced a canvas, I bring my creativity and art to the electronic age as a Web designer, Logo designer, Business design and more. Unique & One of a Kind! Never duplicated! All my designs come from me and stay fresh and updated!

I offer website design in Saskatoon and Area.  I also offer website design to all Canadian and American cities that like my work!

I also welcome you to contact me if you have found a template that you love and would like me to customize it for your business. It’s your business PRESENCE! I will do everything possible to get you the results you seek.

I Started Presence Web Design because I believe that EVERYONE deserves a PRESENCE on the web but I know not everyone who is just starting out can afford it. I will work within your budget to get you a professional result!

Claire Letendre, Owner/Designer, PWD


Presence Web Design works with clients to deliver unique & affordable web designs. From your basic designs to extensive layouts & scripts, Presence Web Design does it all. My clients are extremely important to me and the level to which I service and support them is far above most other Internet companies.

I love creating long-term relationships with my clients! I am very proud to say that a large number of my clients have come from referrals. I speak plain English, and remember what it was like to learn something new. You don’t care about big nerdy terms; you just care about getting the best presentation for your company! Just ask my clients, they’ll tell you I was easy to work with! Many come back for all their needs, from promotion to ad designs.

Need something not on my list? Just contact me & I will let you know if I can do that for you or not.

Working with Presence Web Design guarantees you’ll get:

  • Friendly & reliable customer service
  • Committed attention to your needs
  • Guaranteed cost reduction implementation where available
  • Fast turnaround times (dependant on job complexity)
  • A listening ear so you get what YOU want!

I feel very confident that I can provide you with A+ service and presentation that would reflect the service you give to your current and future clients.


Why can I charge less for web design?

There are many levels to web designer’s.  But the 2 that you may be looking at are Expert Consultant and Company.  The difference:

Presence Web DesignExpert Consultants: $50-$200/hour

  • This is the category I fall into! I have extensive experience, large portfolio and have a keen sense of what to give my clients and can design, code and develop websites.  Expert Consultants usually can give you a better price as they do not have as much overhead such as; office rent, hourly employees, etc. But expect to pay a bit more than a freelancer or overseas designer ONLY because they Expert is with you for the long haul and they cater to their clients.

Presence Web DesignCompanies: $95-$250/hour

  • A company will have the staff to get your project done (as the Expert usually will hire on a per project base). But you do pay a higher price because they have a lot of overhead such as building rent, power, office supplies, staff and a tonne of experience dealing with large projects. So if you have a little 3 page project they may refer you to an Expert Consultant because the Company usually takes on large corporations and more “interactive” websites.

So if my price seems a little “low” it’s only because I do not have overhead.  99% of the work is done by me and if I do have to piece out a part of the project then my client only pays what I pay the freelancer!  I also, only take on 2 to 4 projects in a months period.  So my focus is on you, and my current clients can get updates in a timely manner.

My portfolio speaks for itself!  I am dedicated to my clients and welcome your project, large or small!  It’s your web presence!  Read more:

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What's your internet presence?

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